Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Dinner

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Many moons ago (27 years to be exact) Jeff and I celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together. My cheap sun of gun sweetheart wouldn’t take me out to dinner and suggested we cook dinner “together.” Jeff cooked most of out, which has pretty much been the history of our marriage. Bless his heart. He made chicken cordon bleu and chocolate mousse, and I brought Caesar salad. It was awesome and set the tone for the rest of our marriage. Ye who cook together, stay together!

As we celebrate this year's Valentine's Day, we’ve kicked up our epicurean exploits quite a notch, and thought you’d be interested in what we cooked  for ourselves. We made stuffed quail served over crispy potato-parsnip pancakes. Topped off with Jeff’s signature chocolate mousse. I’m not including the quail recipe because those delicate birds are not available in most locales. If you want the recipe, please feel free to email me. Here are the rest of our scrumptious meal. Viva Love!
Stuffed Quail Over Crispy Parsnip-Potato Pancakes

Chez Maggie and Jeff

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